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これはりーちゃんのジャーナルだってばよ! ^-^)v

Fangirling and Makin' Story... That's Me!

Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Naotsu Tashiki desu. It's not my real name, tough :p but you can call me Ta-chan, or Ri-chan^^ I'm from Indonesia. I love my country, Japan, Adam Lambert, Arashi, The Wanted, Big Bang, B1A4, and Manchester United. Hmm, i think i kinda hate Korean, but I don't know why I love Big Bang and B1A4 so much! maybe they're different._. Aaaand, feel free to follow my twitter @rilerileyil. But you must mention me first that you have known me from this journal^^ ja, yoroshiku onegaishimaasu~ :D